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I am a Spaniard living in London since 2012. My love for London, the people and culture caught my attention the first time I visited the city and since then I knew that I had to live here. 


Since I was a kid I showed passion for writing, drawing and music. I wrote my own newspaper when I was 8 years old; I used to spend my Sundays painting watercolours and at the same time I took music lessons, from violin to piano and finishing with the bassoon. I always loved fashion, especially accessories. Shoes and earrings were always my obsession and I have lost the count of how many of them I have. 


Despite I developed my creative side since I was a kid I decided to follow advice and I end up studying BA Business and Management, which have given me the skills and courage to launch LULUFETEN.


LULUFETEN was born with the idea to bring a little bit of the Spanish culture to England.  I wanted to reflect the light, the blue of the Mediterranean Sea, the green of the palm trees, the sand in summer and our happiness as a country throughout the bright and bold colours, big proportions and shapes. 


Now you know a little bit more about me and what’s behind LULUFETEN jewellery. 



See you around here,


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