If you are reading this we are sure this is because you are one of us, otherwise you wouldn’t have spent your precious seconds getting to know who LULUFETEN is or what philosophy we have as a brand. 


LULUFETEN was born to support women. LULUFETEN is you. 


It’s a mum running up and down with their kids, blending her family life with her work life. LULUFETEN is a divorced girl trying to move on, going on holidays, meeting up with her friends, and enjoying her new life. Lulufeten is a single girl, enjoying every corner of her city, enjoying a chia latte in one of the coffee shops or staying awake until 3am reading her favourite book.  


There’s a big variety of Lulufeten girl’s – entrepreneurs, writers, mum’s, dancers, sisters, artists, designers, cousins, aunties… and that’s why you are here. 


At Lulufeten you will find earrings to adapt from day to night if you are at work. Statement earrings for any event that you have – our styles are focused on big events like weddings, summer parties, baby showers… - or simply cute jewellery like necklaces or bracelets for everyday. From day to night, adding little accessories, to dress up or make a look cool or a simple, because from here we want you to feel good, be confident and believe us, you can rock the world. 



From your LULUFETEN team, we hope you enjoy our website and also our instagram where we share all our new jewellery, how to style it and much more that we’re sure you’ll love…











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